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0320 ("three twenty") Design is an Industrial Design house based in Dayton, OH that was born from the design work of Lyle James.  After years of designing for some of the most recognizable consumer and automotive brands, Lyle saw an opportunity to create a new design presence built upon a passion for the artistic and creative side of the profession.  While the rest of the industry shifts its focus to being all things to all people, we pride ourselves on pushing to develop highly creative and differentiated concepts and having the technical skills necessary to execute those creative visions.  

As our client business continues to grow, we've decided to expand our offering by crafting our own products that we have a passion for using, experiencing, and looking at.


We're happy to have your attention, and hope you enjoy browsing the content on this site.  We love building new relationships and look forward to hearing how we may be able to help your brand. 

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