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Forged Monoblock

100% Designed + Engineered + Manufactured in the USA


The 0320.01 monoblock was born out of a personal project for a Mk4 20th Anniversary GTI build when the time came to find a wheel that was fitting of the performance and investment in the rest of the car.  We knew we wanted to leverage the quality and fitment benefits of a custom forged product but felt that there wasn’t a design on the market that both met our performance objectives and looked at home on most VAG platforms.  So we decided to take matters into our own hands, design a wheel that pays tribute to the look that made us fall in love with the platform in the first place, and refine the styling to achieve our goals for weight, strength, and width. 

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To ensure ultimate quality and flawless execution, we collaborated with our friends at Forgeline Motorsports on the engineering and production of this wheel. 


Forgeline have been a market leader for decades in the premium forged wheel category, and for us they were the obvious choice when looking for a partner to produce our design. 


In addition to their legendary production quality, Forgeline brought their expertise in the way of performance simulation, leveraging their participation in motorsports to help us ensure that we crafted a wheel that works as well as it looks.

230824_spoke_ideation copy.jpg

A wheel with 15 straight spokes should be simple to design right?  Wrong.  It was immediately apparent from the outset of this project that achieving what we wanted from a styling perspective was going to work against us when it comes to achieving what we wanted to from a functional perspective.  We sketched, modeled, sculpted, and prototyped several concepts before arriving at a solution that offered the right combination of clean styling, weight reduction, and strength.  


Each wheel is custom machined to order to each individual customer's specs.  We crafted the core design to be compatible with likely scenarios for VAG platforms to give you the freedom to control your fitment.  If splitting hairs over ultimate fitment isn't your thing, we have put together a few configurations to select from that work well on various generations/platforms.  Of course, we're always happy to help you with this selection as well.


With such a shortage of options available, we ensured that this design is friendly to big brake configurations ...even on the latest platforms requiring higher offsets.


Optimizing styling and weight often fly in the face of each other when it comes to wheel design, and focusing on one or the other is much easier than solving for both at once.  We iterated like mad to remove extraneous weight while achieving the form and style that we wanted, while still yielding a design that is strong and rigid.


Wheel Diameters (in)

Wheel Width (in)

Bolt Patterns

Offsets (mm)

Center Bore

Wheel Weight (lbs)

Max Street Tire Load (lbs)

17, 18, 19, 20

8.5 -13

5x100, 5x112

Fully customizable

57.1, 66.6, Option to customize

19-21  (dependent on sizing)


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